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The MBA that Leads

in the New Reality

Technological advancements and breakthroughs reshape the way we interact by days.  In the future of work, traditional repetitive job functions would be partially, if not entirely, automated or integrated with technology.

To thrive in the increasingly digitalized world, one has to be agile and be able to speak the language of technology.  At HKUST MBA, the world’s top 20 MBA program named by Financial Times, we anchor to ‘Business meets Technology’ and ignite the transformation for global talents.

The HKUST MBA Advantage

There is a myriad of reasons why HKUST MBA programs stand out from other programs in the world:

Practical 360 Degrees
Career Support

Seasoned career advisors to partner with you and formulate your best-fit job strategy.

Business Meets


Unique Business Technology & Analytics Track featuring AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Fintech and more.

Customizable & Flexible

One of the most flexible MBA in Asia. 60%+ customizable  curriculum through flexible cores, 70+ electives and credit-bearing practicums.

Return on Investment

91% placement rate within 3 months after graduation and short payback period of 11.6 months^. Accelerate your professional and personal development.

World-class Faculty

We house not only the Asia No. 3 Research Academic Faculty* but also industry veterans who integrate theories with practice.

Beyond Diversity

Ranked No. 4 in International Course Experience* amongst Asia Programs. 90%+  international students in our Full-Time MBA program.

^HKUST MBA Full-time MBA (Class of 2019) Employment Report

*Amongst the Asia Pacific Programs by Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2021


Sharpen Your Business Acumen.

Ready for the New Norm.

Stay ahead of the curve and study in the most up-to-date curriculum.  Courses are carefully designed to help aspiring leaders thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.
New and current courses (highlight):

  • Fintech: The Future of the Financial Industry

  • Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence

  • Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Their Business Applications

  • Managing Change

  • Computer and Internet Security Management

  • Equity Investment with Machine Learning

  • From MBA to Stock Market: Applied Value Investing

and more...

New and on-going career support (highlight):

  • Pre-MBA Career Advising

  • Financial Modeling Workshop

  • Deloitte Consulting Case Practice


  • How to Ace Your Interview Online and Win Your Dream Job

  • How to Manage Stress, Maintain Calmness and Set Yourself Up for Success in Times of Crisis

  • Virtual Interviewing EQ: Read The Mind Of the Interviewer for Job Hunt Success

Ignite Your Future with HKUST MBA Programs

Looking for a full-time transformational experience in Asia or looking to refine your expertise and expand your foothold in Greater Bay Area while working?  Our MBA Programs offer you flexibility to pursue your study at your own pace.

Transform your career. Challenge your perspective.

  • 16-month standard mode (includes optional internships and overseas exchange) or

  • 12-month accelerated mode

  • Full-suite career support, career strategy formulation & job searching

Elevate your career in 18 months.


​   Classes are held:

  1. Weekly Mode: Saturday and weekday evenings

  2. Bi-Weekly Mode: Alternate weekends


Your Trusted MBA Advisors

No single student’s MBA journey would be the same in HKUST. And you are in the driving seat to customize your learning experience and strengthen your specialization based on your learning objectives and career interests.

  • Academic advisor – your 1st port of call for customizing your academic learning experience

  • Career Lead – your best partner in strategizing your career

Alumni @ HKUST MBA

The MBA bonding spans beyond your studies. We share common values and embrace a strong spirit of unwavering contribution to the alma-mater.  No matter you are our new MBA students or alumni, you will be illuminated by:
Sense of Support
Experience Sharing
Extensive Professional Network
Over the years, our MBA Community has grown from a regional cohort to an active and culturally diverse family of:
  • 5,000+ alumni
  • 65+ Nationalities
  • Active and culturally diverse members
Highlights of the lifelong access to our close-knit elite MBA community:

Alumni Events


Such as Alumni Insight Panel,

Networking, Reunions

Mentorship Program.jpeg

Alumni Mentorship Program


Share the footsteps that you’ve taken and be enlightened in the ideas exchange

Alumni Audit.JPG

Alumni Audit


A lifelong learning pass to join the latest MBA classes at a reasonable price

Scholarship and Financial Aid

We offer various scholarship and professional awards to outstanding Full-Time MBA candidates acknowledging their professional and academic achievements. All candidates will be automatically considered and no additional application material is required. 

HKUST MBA Professional Awards

- Business Technology & Innovation Award

- Global Citizen Award

- Women Award

- Consulting Strategy Award

and more...


HKUST MBA Merit Scholarship

(covering up to 100% of tuition fee)

Awarded to highly distinguished candidates who demonstrate exceptional interview performance and quality in their Full-time MBA application.

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Jebsen Scholarship

 (HKD 125,000)

Donated by Jebsen & Co. Ltd., available to Full-time MBA students who are permanent residents of mainland China or the HKSAR.

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Quick Facts About HKUST MBA


Top 22 MBA

14 consecutive years, 2008-2021 

91% 3-month Employment Rate

HKUST MBA Employment Results 2019


Payback Period

HKUST MBA Employment Results 2019






Course Experience

5,000+ Alumni

65+ Nationalities

*Amongst the Asia Pacific Programs by Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2021

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